You will earn Cubes for winning matches, and lose Cubes if you lose or retreat from a match. In general, you need 7 Cubes to go up a rank.

Example: If you’re Rank 22, once you earn 7 Cubes, you’ll go up to Rank 23. Every 10 Ranks is part of a Tier. Ranks 11-20 are part of “Iron Tier”. Ranks 21-30 are part of “Bronze Tier”. Each time you reach a new Tier for the first time in a season, you will earn a new Reward!


For each new season, we'll perform the following rank reset:

1. Deduct 30 ranks from player’s last rank in the previous season

2. Round down to the closest integer divisible by 5

3. Add 3 bonus ranks

For example: Rank 76 Vibranium player will drop to Rank 48 Gold to start the season. Rank 52 Platinum player is dropped to Rank 23 Bronze to start the season. Rank 33 Silver player is dropped to Rank 13 Iron to start the season (Players cannot be reduced below 10 Iron). Rank 155 Infinite player is dropped to Rank 73 Master to start the season (Infinite players always drop to Rank 73 Master)